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Maintenance management

Maintenance management: ideas using robotics in hazardous environments

Technology has become the solution to many long-standing problems, and while current technologies may…

Technology has become the solution to many long-standing problems, and while current technologies may be effective, it is far from fully addressing the hug, complex, difficult and challenging tasks associated with risky intervention. Robotics can play important intelligent and technological roles that support first response equipment in harsh and dangerous environments while replacing rescue personnel from entering unreachable or unsafe places. Robotics solutions that are well adapted to local conditions of unstructured and unknown environment can greatly improve safety and security of personnel as well as work efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

Maintenance Management

With increasing awareness of the fact that maintenance not only ensures high level of safety at work places, high reliability and availability of plants but also creates value in the business process, maintenance has become a focus of strategic thinking of many companies all over the world. Maintenance is multidisciplinary in nature and therefore effective management of maintenance process necessitates application of knowledge from different disciplines cutting across various fields of science. Maintenance may be defined as the combination of technical and administrative actions, such as supervision actions, intended to retain an item in or restore it to a state in which it can perform a required function. Maintenance Management may be described as the activities of the management that determine Maintenance Objectives, Maintenance Strategies, Maintenance Policy and responsibilities. Thereafter Maintenance Plans and control, including supervision, must be implemented in the organisation. Finally, the adopted methodologies in the organisation, including economic aspects, must be evaluated.

Luís Pires
INETE – Instituto de Educação Técnica

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